Announcing Our Creative Writing Guest Judge, Adam Roberts

We are very pleased to announce that award-winning science fiction author, Adam Roberts, will be the guest judge for our creative writing competition.

Adam’s 2012 novel, Jack Glass, was the winner of the John W. Campbell Memorial Award and the British Science Fiction Association’s award for Best Novel. In addition to these awards, Kim Stanley Robinson famously declared that Adam’s Yellow Blue Tibia should have won the Booker Prize in 2010. Adam is particularly well-suited to our project as his work has taken on issues relevant to the medical humanities. By Light Alone features nanotechnology that allows human beings to photosynthesise through their hair, fundamentally changing human biology, and in Land of the Headless biomedical advances allow criminals to survive their own decapitation in a future theocracy. Adam’s work has been recognised by an academic conference dedicated to his work, 2013’s New Genre Army at Lincoln University, and a forthcoming edited collection, Adam Roberts: Critical Essays.

As well as contributing to the genre through his novels, Adam has written a guide for scholars entering the field of science fiction studies as part of Routledge’s New Critical Idiom series and his History of Science Fiction stands out as the best ‘long’ history of science fiction to date, tracing the development of the genre from Ancient Greek literature and finding the origins of modern SF in the Reformation.

With his skills as an author and his vast knowledge of the genre, Adam’s involvement will make for an exciting competition and a high-quality short story collection to follow.

Our writing competition is free to enter and the closing date is the 31st of January 2016. Further information can be found at this link and the entry form is here.

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