Conference Call for Papers Announced

To conclude the Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities project we are going to host a conference, bringing together the ideas and interests generated over the year. It will be held at the University of Glasgow on the 4th of July 2016 and the keynote speakers will be Dr Luna Dolezal, Professor Daniel Pick, and Professor Patrick Parrinder.

Dr Luna Dolezal, from the University of Durham and Trinity College Dublin, is the author of The Body and Shame: Phenomenology, Feminism, and the Socially Shaped Body (2015). She also writes on posthumanism, pregnancy, and disability and organised a conference in 2014 entitled ‘The Future of the Body: Phenomenology, Medicine and the (Post)Human’.

Professor Daniel Pick comes to us from Birkbeck University of London and is the principal investigator for the Wellcome Trust-funded  project ‘Hidden Persuaders: Brainwashing, Culture, Clinical Knowledge and the Cold War Human Sciences, 1950-1990’ which explores narratives of brainwashing in the Cold War era. He is also the author of The Pursuit of the Nazi Mind (2012).

Professor Patrick Parrinder is Professor Emeritus of the University of Reading. He has written widely on literature since 1880, particularly focusing on science fiction and utopian literature. His most recent book is Utopian Literature and Science: From the Scientific Revolution to Brave New World and Beyond (2015) which explores themes such as genetics and the singularity in utopian fiction.

If you would like to present at the conference our call for papers is available here.

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