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We’re pleased to announce that we’re now opening suggestions for our online bibliography of sources in Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities. We want your help to add to the database, and also to help us refine the submission process. So please feedback by email, Twitter, or comments.

Before contributing, be sure to try browsing the database or searching it, to get a feel for what’s there and what information we need.

In order to contribute, you have to log in to our blog. If you haven’t registered for the blog yet, just go to the Suggest New Item page and you’ll find a link to allow you to register.

If you have already registered, then go to Suggest New Item and fill in the form that awaits you.

Title: this is mandatory. Fill in the title of work you want to suggest.

Type & Medium: please help us by choosing the best category possible for the item. There are three main categories: Science Fiction, Science Faction, and Critical. “Science Fiction” is self-explanatory – just tick the box that best describes what you’re suggesting (novel, short story, motion picture, etc.). “Critical” covers academic and journalistic writing about medical Science Fiction. “Science Faction” is term we’ve used for medical materials that are notionally factual, but which borrow the style, form, aesthetics, and so forth, of science fiction. If you want an example of a website (and video) that’s medical science faction, take a look at the Qualcomm Tricorder Xprize, and the way it uses the props and images of Star Trek. We’re keen to find more examples of this kind of material – so if you think you’ve find something let us know.

Themes: tick all that apply!

Any notes: help us scrutinize your suggestion by giving as much supplementary information as possible. Where was it published and by whom? What’s the url? What date, what pages? What magazine or anthology? Add any comments as well about why you’ve selected this item, or about how we might improve the suggestion process.

Once you’ve submitted the form, it will go the project team, and we’ll vet/amend it for inclusion in the online bibliography.

Advance thanks to you all!

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