Lost Limbs and Posthuman Enhancement

As part of the 2017 Being Human festival (@BeingHumanFest), Glasgow University’s library is hosting Lost Limbs and Posthuman Enhancement. Organised by Dr Anna McFarlane, previously research assistant on the Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities project, and Dr Hannah Tweed, this event will give people the chance to chat about prosthetics past, present and future. Engineers from the university will discuss how prosthetics are currently being made through 3D printing and speculative designer Chris Strachan will explain what is meant by speculative design, and how it might shape the future. We will also be talking about visions of disability, prosthetics, and augmentation in science fiction literature, film, and television.

The event will be on Friday 24th November, 7pm-8.30pm, which still leaves time to go next door to the Hunterian Museum where the university’s fantasy scholars and the museum staff are hosting a Night at the Museum.

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