Short Story Competition Shortlist Announced!

I am very pleased to announce that the shortlist for our short story competition has been chosen. Thank you to everyone who entered; we were overwhelmed by the number of high-quality stories we received from all over the world. We appreciate your patience as we prepared the stories for judging and organised the judging process. The winning short stories are as follows, in no particular order:

‘Transplant’ by Krishan Coupland

‘A Practical Guide to the Resurrected’ by Seth Marlin

‘Food Chains’ by Michael F Russell

‘The House She Grew’ by Maija Haavisto

‘The Jewel’ by Gita Ralleigh

‘Frozen to the Core’ by Alyson Hilbourne

‘The Anthalopus Cure’ by EA Fow

‘Spiderhearted’ by Suzanne Hodsden

‘Ambrosia’ by Emeline Morin

‘Doctor 213’ by Okaima Oyakhirome

‘His Birth’ by Marija Smits

‘Eggs’ by Eilidh McCabe

‘Sweet Sensation’ by Christine Procter

‘The Vermix’ by Matthew Castleden

‘A Vocabulary of Remorse’ by Dantzel Cherry

‘System Stable’ by Hazel Compton

‘Passengers’ by Sam Meekings

‘Silverpsyche’ by Luke McDonagh Valentine

‘The Immanation’ by Mary Easson

‘Blisstec Ltd’ by Peter McCune

These shortlisted stories will appear in our forthcoming short story collection to be published by Freight Books. Also, science fiction author Adam Roberts will be choosing the winning stories from this shortlist. Once again, thank you to all of you who entered and made the selection so strong. We hope that you’ll continue to follow the project both through this blog and by following us on Twitter, @scifmedhums.

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