The Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities Conference – Register Now!

We are pleased to announce that registration for our conference, to be held on Monday the 4th of July, is now open via Eventbrite. As well as having a day packed with academic presentations we are hoping that our creative writing competition will have been shortlisted by this date – if so, we will announce the shortlist at the conference. Everyone is welcome so please register if you would like to come or, if you can’t attend, you can follow the hashtag #scifimedhums for updates on the day. Our full programme for the day as it stands is included below.


9:00-9:30 Registration
9:30 Keynote 1: Dr Luna Dolezal – Title TBC
10:30 1A The Posthuman

Simon Walker (University of Strathclyde) ‘Synthesising Super Soldiers – Historical Parallels with the construction of the Perfect Solider in Science Fiction’

Dr Sue Smith (Independent/ Centre for American Studies, University of Leicester) ‘“Limbitless Solutions”: the Prosthetic Arm, Iron Man and the Science Fiction of Technoscience’

Dr E Anna Claydon (University of Leicester)

‘Scoring the Post-human: The Use of Music in Science Fiction Film to Characterise the Bio-Mechanical Other’

1B Power and Politics

Imogen Woodberry (Royal College of Art) ‘“The Battle of the Thyroid”: Glands as a Technology of Control Within Interwar Writings on the Future’

Phoenix Alexander (Yale University) ‘Porous Bodies: Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis trilogy and the problem of consent and/in medical science’

Joshua Odam (University of Massachusetts Amherst) ‘Fear of the Black Pill: A Critical Afrofuturist Critique of the United States Pharmaceutical Industry Via Reginald Hudlin’s The Black Panther

11:45 BREAK
12:00 Keynote 2: Professor Daniel Pick – ‘Spectres of JFK: Science, Fiction, and Futurology in Cold War Times’
13:00 LUNCH
14:00 2A Public Engagement and the Future of Medicine

Thora Hands (University of Strathclyde) ‘“Romulan Ale? Why Bones, you know this is illegal”: The Dark Allure of Alcohol Across Space and Time’

Dr Xavier Aldana Reyes and Prof Joanna Verran (Manchester Metropolitan University) ‘Microzombiology: A Microbiological Reading of Zombie Pandemic Dystopias’

Ellen Rogers (Colgate University) ‘The Art of Reflection: Creative Imagery Enhances Scientific and Societal Understanding In Medical Education’

2B Mental Illness and the Brain

Michael O’Brien (University of Glasgow) ‘Philip K. Dick: Prophetic Healer or Alienated Psychotic?’

Jamie Redgate (University of Glasgow) ‘Mental Illness and Metaphor in David Foster Wallace’s “The Planet Trillaphon as It Stands in Relation to the Bad Thing”’

Gul Dag (University of Hull) ‘Cure as Commodity: Neurological Damage and Medical Ethics in George Alec Effinger’s “Marîd Audran” Series’


15:30 3A Transplantation

Dr Yugin Teo (University of Sussex) ‘Synthetic carers, memory and storytelling in Never Let Me Go

Dr Donna McCormack (University of Surrey) ‘Care as Violence: Exceptional Spaces and the Ethics of Organ Donation in Contemporary Dystopian Fiction’

Benedetta Liorsi (Lancaster University) ‘The Ante-Tempus Patient: Prevention In Contemporary Speculative Fiction’

3B Genetics and Eugenics

Arianna Introna (University of Stirling) ‘Resisting ‘the Fix’: Dystopian Futures, Genetics and Social Reproduction in Ken MacLeod’s Intrusion

Jonathan Ferguson (King’s College London) ‘Robbing The Body Politic: The “Plague of Dysgeny” in Kang Youwei’s Datong Shu’


16:45 BREAK
17:00 Professor Patrick Parrinder – ‘Overturning Hippocrates: Euthanasia and the Utopian Tradition’
18:00 Adjourn for conference dinner

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  1. July 27, 2016

    […] organ transplantation in Never Let Me Go. A full list of all our speakers can still be found here, and we hope that a complete conference report will be published in the coming months. To all those […]

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