To writers of new-fangled scientifiction

Now that the journal call has been promoted, it’s time to give a push to the project’s creative-writing competition for science-fiction stories (including novel excerpts) that deal with themes of medicine, health, and illness.

There’s a substantial prize fund available: a total of up to £1500, with the top three prizes at £300, £200, and £150, means there’s everything to play for. All wining entries (up to 20 stories) will be published in the competition anthology.

What we’re hoping for, above all, are entries that are great science-fiction stories in their own right. But we also expect that many will provoke and stimulate the academic side of the project, just as existing science-fiction writing already has. (In future blog posts, I’ll be regularly sharing a few thoughts on the science fiction that I’m reading and re-reading for this project.)

We’ll be giving regular reminders and updates on the competition, including the identity of our guest judge.

Thanks are due: none of this could happen without the kindly advice of our great Creative Writing team here in Glasgow University, particularly Zoe Strachan. And we’ll be greatly helped by assistance from students on our Creative Writing Masters programme.

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