Why science fiction and the medical humanities?


I’m Gavin Miller, the leader of this project, which is among the Wellcome Trust’s new, exploratory Seed Awards in the medical humanities.

For several years, I’ve been building a research profile in the critical and cultural history of psychiatry and psychotherapy. And I’m currently Director of the Medical Humanities Research Centre, here in the University of Glasgow.

But I’m also a literary scholar who researches contemporary literature, including science fiction. I’ve been working on SF for many years, and currently have in progress a monograph on Science Fiction and Psychology, contracted to Liverpool UP’s well-regarded series, Science Fiction Texts and Studies.

The call for Seed Awards seemed a perfect opportunity to combine my work in the medical humanities with my research on science fiction. Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be blogging regularly on topics that interest me in this crossover area, and I hope to have a few guest bloggers as well (so please email me if you’re interested).

Watch this space.

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