Workshop 3

Workshop 3: The Politics of Science-Fiction Medicine, Friday 15th April 2016


In our previous workshops we heard about the potential and pitfalls of science fiction as a means of public engagement; we also heard about the utopian possibilities implicit in medical science fiction. In this workshop we will explore the politics of science-fiction medicine. How does the idea of medical ‘progress’ affect political battles that we experience in the here and now? And does science-fiction medicine help us to approach these battles, as well as the concept of the ‘human’ which so often seems to be at stake?

Dr Gavin Miller and Dr Anna McFarlane will facilitate the event as part of the Wellcome Trust-funded Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities project at the University of Glasgow. They will be joined by Dr Donna McCormack  (University of Surrey) who will be giving a talk entitled, ‘Living with Others Inside the Self: Transplant Science, Colonial Medicine and a Decolonisation of the Body Politic’ and Dr Richard Howard (Trinity College Dublin) who will be speaking on ‘James White: Inside and Outside Sector General’.

The workshop will be held at the University of Glasgow on Friday the 15th of April 2016 in the Wolfson Medical Building. Those making travel arrangements should note that there will be coffee available from 9.30 for a 10.30 start. Lunch will be provided so please only register if you know you can attend; if circumstances change and you can no longer attend then let us know. Postgraduate and early career researchers may wish to apply to the attendance fund, which will be allocated on a first come first served basis, to support their travel expenses by emailing their requests to arts-scifimedhums[at]

Information about travelling to the university can be found on the University of Glasgow website.

Full Schedule

9.30-10.30 Coffee on arrival

10.30-11.30 Introduction

11.30-11.45 coffee

11.45-1 Session led by Donna McCormack, ‘Living with Others Inside the Self: Transplant Science, Colonial Medicine and a Decolonisation of the Body Politic’.

1-2 Lunch

2-3.15 Session led by Richard Howard, ‘James White: Inside and Outside Sector General’.

3.15-3.30 Closing Reflection